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“In my opinion Pioneering Technology provides the best-in-class fire PREVENTION devices. We have installed over 12,000 SmartBurners and I would be happy to be a reference for this product line.”
—Bob Jacoby (VP Procurement at Mercy)
“We would definitely recommend... to all housing authorities to help protect residents and properties from the dangerous risks of cooking fires.”
—Sandra Whitney, Director of Housing Operations, Rochester Housing Authority
“This technology does everything that it says it does and we are very pleased with the results.”
—Jim Winston, Quality Control Officer, Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority
“Every year that goes by without a stovetop fire is considered a success. SmartBurner is now required on new electric stove purchases as a University of Delaware Design Standard requirement”.
—Kevin T McSweeney CFPS, CFI-II, Fire Marshall, University of Delaware
“Norstar has been extremely pleased with results… This technology allows food to cook like always yet helps prevent a fire from happening in the first place”.
—Richard Cavalieri, Development Manager, Norstar Development USA
“There have been no unattended stove top cooking fires on any of the ranges that (this technology) was installed on”.
—Director of the Tampa Housing Authority
“Ohio University’s deployment of the Safe-T-Sensor® (SmartMicro) on microwave ovens on campus has been a fabulous success on all levels, and I strongly encourage all colleges and universities to adopt similar engineered solutions campus wide...

The investment in these sensors has reduced fire runs, response hazards, late night residence evacuations, interruption in study time and the cost of fire equipment operation, campus police and personnel required to investigate.”.
—Brent Auker, Fire Protection Engineer, Ohio University
“This product does everything it is supposed to do – helps eliminate cooking fires.”
—Fire Chief, Gerald Clark – Commander U.S. Naval Forces Fleet Activity Sasebo, Japan
“We know that the number one cause of house fires is tied to stove-top cooking. We strongly believe that SmartBurners will help reduce house fires and thus save lives, injury, and property damage.

We will continue to purchase and install them in the senior residences under the jurisdiction of the Southfield Non-Profit Neighborhood Corporation. Additionally, we urge homeowners to acquire SmartBurners as a fire safety measure.”
—Ken Siver - Mayor of Southfield, Michigan & Southfield Non-Profit Neighborhood Corporation, Board Chair
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