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SmartBurner™ saves lives and property by helping to prevent cooking fires from happening in the first place.  It easily replaces electric coil elements and prevents the burner from reaching the temperature at which most cooking oils and other household items ignite. SmartBurner has been installed in more than 300,000 homes and apartments without a single reported cooking fire.




Our patented and proven temperature limiting control (TLC) technology helps prevents burners from reaching the temperature at which most cooking oils auto ignite.

  • Universal fit that is easy to install.
  • Cast iron burners that deliver superior cooking experience.
  • Double the surface area for even heat distribution/better cooking.
  • Retains heat for greater energy savings.
  • Allows for easy cleaning of plates and drip pans.
  • Burner surface is flat prolonging cookware life.


  • Helps prevent cooking fires.
  • Installs in seconds.
  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Cooks better.
  • Saves energy.
  • Protects cookware.
Care & Maintenance
Before you cook with SMARTBurnerBefore being used for the first time, SmartBurner should be heated up on the HI or the maximum setting for approximately 7-10 minutes without any utensils. During this ‘curing’ process, the protective coating is hardened and obtains its maximum strength.NOTE: There may be a slight odor the first time you use your stove with the SmartBurner installed.This is normal and should dissipate after the first use.CLEANING YOUR SMARTBURNER

  • Always ensure that the burner is cool before attempting to clean.
  • Never soak your SmartBurner or put it in the dishwasher.
  • Use a damp cloth or sponge with mild detergent to clean surface of burner and surrounding plate. Never use harsh abrasives or steel wool pads on any part of the SmartBurner.
  • Thoroughly wipe soap from a burner plate and towel it dry.
  • For best results, clean your burner plates and drip pans regularly.
  • Use dry pots and keep wet utensils or objects with condensation, such as pot lids, away from the SmartBurner™.
  • View the care and use here.
  • View the warranty here.
  • View the care and use video here.
  • View the installation video here.
Is it normal for the burner to glow red hot?

No. If your SmartBurner glows red hot, turn off the burner immediately. Do NOT use. Call 1-800-433-6026 or email for assistance.

Does it take longer to cook food using SmartBurner?

SmartBurner may take a little longer to heat up and cool down. (If it used to take 10 minutes to boil water, it may take 1 or 2 minutes longer.

Does the type of cookware I use have an impact on the cooking experience?

Avoid using warped or damaged cookware. SmartBurner works best when the entire pot/pan is in direct contact with the burner. If possible, use aluminum or stainless-steel cookware.

How can the burner size impact the cooking experience?

Cooking is more efficient when cookware size is matched to burner size. A large pot on a small burner is less efficient than a large pot on a large burner. When possible, use a lid to help food cook faster.

Want more information on the SmartBurner?

SmartBurner easily replaces electric coil burners and helps prevent cooking fires – the leading cause of household fires! It also delivers a fantastic return on investment through insurance savings, restoration and lost rent costs, energy savings, and maintenance savings. The patented and proven temperature limiting control (TLC) technology helps prevents burners from reaching the temperature at which most cooking oils auto-ignite. This technology has already been installed in more than 250,000 homes and buildings across North America without a single reported cooking fire being reported since. SmartBurner meets the new UL 858 60A standard for cooking fire prevention on electric coil stoves, which becomes mandatory in April 2019.


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