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Hassle-Free Cooking Fire Prevention
that Outperforms the Competition

Pioneering Technology’s Smart Products protect you from cooking fires without ongoing maintenance, heavy cleanup, or additional costs.

Comparing SmartBurner® and Alternative Solutions

SmartBurnerStovetop FirestopFireAvertOther UL-858 Burners
Regulates Burner Temperature
Prevents Fire✘ SUPPRESSION
Requires flame activation to function. Designed to stop stove-top grease fires with no more than 3/8" of oil. Possible reflash may occur
Requires a functioning smoke detector (sold separately) to activate. After a 30-second delay, it disconnects power to the stove. possible fire damage may still occur.
UL858 60A - Compliant✔ Exceeds the standard with its Temperature-Limiting Control Technology TM
Easy to Install * Requires clean, grease-free range hood; and possibly an alternative mounting kit (sold separately)✘ Requires a 7-step installation process; and a pre-existing, working smoke detector* Might require prong adjustments on some stoves
Easy to Clean✔ Can be easily cleaned with a washcloth✘ Requires post-activation clean up✘ Requires drip pan clean up
Easy to Use✔ Seamless plug and play. Replace existing coil elements and then cook as usual. Nothing else required* Must be replaced after each use or activation✘ Needs to be reset at circuit breaker after each activation. Nuisance alarms, dead batteries or disconnected alarms create risk
Saves Energy✔ Up to 30% energy savings✔ Some energy savings
Universal Fit✘ Needs extra range hood clearance to avoid interference with cooking* Might require adjustments or a purchase of the "pigtail connector" so the range does not stick out* Might require prong adjustments on some stoves
Durable/Reusable✔ Lasts as long as your electric range✘ Single use only✔ 25-Years expected lifespanFrequent replacement
Cost-Effective✔ Durability, energy savings, plus eliminating the risk of kitchen fires will give you significant ROI✘ But must be replaced after each use or activation✘ Fire damage is still possible* Might require annual burner replacement

Comparing SmartRANGE™ and Alternative Solutions

SmartRangeOther Auto Stove Shut Off Devices
Easy to Install✘ Requires multiple steps to connect the stove to the control panel and then to the internet
Easy to Use✘ Might require internet connection and additional cable management to keep network wire away from the heat source
Fire Alerts✔ Pre-alarm signal to actively alert the people in the area* Text and email. Can be a passive alert especially if the phone is on silent mode
Low Maintenance✘ Requires periodic firmware updates and manual timer control
Controls the Heat Source
Shuts Off TriggerHeat sensor technology. Employs two types of advanced heat sensors plus a unique learning function to actively monitor stove temperatures.Motion dependent. Shuts off the stove if no motion is detected after 5 minutes. Might not prevent a fire caused by distracted cooking.
Tamper Detection/Prevention
Saves Energy✔ Approximately 1 watt power draw* At least 5 watts power draw

Comparing SmartMicro™ and Alternative Solutions

SmartMicroAutomatic Microwave Shutoff by FireAvert
Easy to Install
Power Shut Off Trigger✔ Advanced sensor technology shuts the unit off before smoke alarms are activated* Dependent on the sound of the smoke alarm
Paired Sensor & Plug Included* Smoke alarm purchased separately
UL Certified
Fully Automatic Reset✘ Requires manual reset


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