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Pioneering Technology Corporation is a technology innovation company that designs and produces fire prevention solutions that save lives, time and energy.

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  • We will specify Safe T Element for all future projects to help provide a higher level of fire safety in the communities we manage.

    —Don Tribe, Supervisor, Field Operations, Thunder Bay District Housing Corporation, Thunder Bay
  • We would definitely recommend this to all housing authorities to help protect residents and properties from the dangerous risk of cooking fires.

    —Sandra Whitney, Director of Housing Operations, Rochester Housing Authority, Rochester
  • This technology does everything that it says it does and we are very pleased with the results.

    —Jim Winston, Quality Control Officer, Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority, Youngstown
  • On 2 occasions, a tenant has put things on her stove and fallen asleep. The good news is that while the food burnt, no fire started due to the new Safe T Element.

    —Mark McIntosh, Facilities Manager, Northumberland County, Coburg
  • Without reservation, I strongly recommend the use of Safe T Elements for fire‐prevention in multi‐family developments.

    —David LaRoe, Director of Development & Real Estate, North Charleston Housing Authority, North Charleston
  • The Safe T Elements have lowered our electrical consumption and… will pay for themselves in 2 or 3 years.

    —Bonnie McCausland Ellisi, Community Manager, Meridian Co‐operative Homes, Hamilton
  • We would most definitely recommend this product to other housing authorities or apartment complexes.

    —Robert Bukowski, Director of Technical Operations, Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, Buffalo
  • Norstar is using a product called Safe T Element… and has been extremely pleased with (the) results… This technology allows food to cook like always, yet helps prevent a fire from happening in the first place.

    —Richard Cavalieri, Development Manager, Norstar Development USA, Tampa
  • We installed 642 STEs in 2 of our highest risk senior’s buildings. This product did exactly what it claimed to do and we are now taking active steps to expand the use of this technology in the Tampa Housing Authority properties.

    —Terrance M. Brady, Director Energy Services, Tampa Housing Authority
  • “This installation and safety initiative is proving to be a great benefit to protecting the people and property at RHA. We would definetly recommend this technology to all housing authorities to help protect residents and properties from the dangerous risks of cooking fires.”

    —Sandra Whitney, Director of Housing Operations, Rochester Housing Authority
  • The North Charleston Housing Authority has installed the Safe T Elements in all of its housing units since 2009. Since the installation we have not had one grease fire. Without doubt this product has proven itself to be an excellent fire prevention device.

    —David LaRoe, Director of Development & Real Estate, NCHA
  • “Since Safe T Element was installed; we have more confidence of the level of fire safety in our group homes and have not experienced a single unattended cooking fire related incident.”

    —Rob Tobin, Corporate Services and Housing Case Management Liason Specialist, Canadian Mental Health Association

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