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fire 170,200* reported cooking-related fires reported annually
fire 5,470 fire related injuries and 510 deaths every year
fire $1.2 billion in direct property damage each year
fire 1 in 8 households will experience a cooking fire every year
*Source: National Fire Protection Association

SmartBurner easily replaces electric coil burners and helps prevent cooking fires – the leading cause of household fires! It also delivers a fantastic return on investment through insurance savings, restoration and lost rent costs, energy savings, and maintenance savings.

SmartMicro™, is a redesigned and re-engineered version of popular Safe T Sensor™ product for preventing microwave fires and nuisance/false alarms. With a sleek, new look and updated technology, SmartMicro Interrupts power to the microwave oven at the first sign of smoke. With the NFPA reporting more than 19 microwave cooking fires every day, microwave fire safety is important to every home or building.

With SmartRange, glass top electric ranges can finally benefit from the award-winning technology that has helped keep European kitchens and homes safer from the risk of cooking fire for many years.

SmartElement™ helps prevent cooking fires from starting in the first place by regulating the temperature of the stove’s burner elements (to 662°F/350°C), below the auto-ignition point of most cooking oils and some household items (utensils, clothing etc.). Utilizing our patented temperature limiting control (TLC) technology™, this remains a revolutionary innovation in cooking fire prevention.

"This technology does everything that it says it does and we are very pleased with the results."

Jim Winston, Quality Control Officer, Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority, Youngstown

"We would most definitely recommend this product to other housing authorities or apartment complexes."

Robert Bukowski, Director of Technical Operations, Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, Buffalo

"This installation and safety initiative is proving to be a great benefit to protecting the people and property at RHA. We would definitely recommend this technology to all housing authorities to help protect residents and properties from the dangerous risks of cooking fires."

Sandra Whitney, Director of Housing Operations, Rochester Housing Authority


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