Look Smart. Cook Smart. Save Smart.


The NEW SmartBurner™ intelligent cooking system provides all the features and benefits of the original Safe-T-element™, now available to the general public and can be installed by anyone.

Celebrity Chef David Rocco has called the product ‘brilliant’ and a must have for anyone who owns an electric coil stove. Why? Simple. It cooks food better. With a more even heat, food is less likely to burn or cook unevenly. It allows for easier and faster cleaning with no chance of food falling in between the coils. It saves money by reducing the amount of energy needed to cook food AND it substantially reduces the number one cause of household fires – cooking fire.

SmartBurner is a new, state‐of‐the art consumer version of the highly praised commercial product Safe-T-element. Finally, individual households can transform their old electric coil stoves and ranges in seconds. Looks Smart. Cooks Smart. Saves Smart.


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The Cooking Problem

  • Cooking is the #1 cause of household fires and fire injuries
  • 156,300 reported cooking-related fires (and only one in 30 are reported)
  • 470 Deaths
  • 5,390 Injuries
  • $1 billion in direct property damage
  • 1 in 8 households will experience a cooking fire every year
  • Cooking fires as a percentage of household fires has increased from 20% in 1980 to 44% in 2011

As reported by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in 2011.

Appliance Fire


  • An Intelligent Cooking System that electronically controls energy to burners helping to prevent fires and save energy using Pioneering’s patented Temperature Limiting Control (“TLC”).
  • Cast iron burners deliver superior cooking experience:
  • Twice the surface area for even heat distribution/better cooking
  • Retains heat for greater energy savings
  • Allows for easy cleaning of plates and drip pans
  • Burner surface is flat prolonging cookware life
  • Universal fit that is easy for anyone to install


  • Installs in seconds
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Cooks better
  • Saves energy
  • Protects cookware
  • Helps prevent fires

How SmartBurner™ Works

SmartBurner with its patented Temperature Limiting Control (TLC) technology controls the high end temperature of the stovetop below the auto-ignition point of cooking oils and most common household materials by shutting off the stove element when the temperature reaches above 350°C/662°F. When the element has cooled below that threshold the stove element turns back on again. Think of it like a furnace for cooking. Just as your furnace turns on and off to regulate the temperature in your home, SmartBurner regulates the cooking temperature of your stovetop.

The SmartBurner cooking system is an ETL/Intertek listed product engineered to help prevent stovetop cooking fires before they can start. Unlike other products that alert homeowners after a fire has started or try to suppress an existing fire, the SmartBurner helps prevent the fire from occurring in the first place.

Each SmartBurner is an electronically controlled solid cast iron plate that replaces the existing electric coils. A patented control unit installed inside the burner controls the temperature of the plate and limits the high‐end temperature to 350°C/662°F. The ignition or combustion temperature for most cooking oils and common fibers starts at 370°C/698°F.  Most electric coil stoves will reach temperatures well above 700°C/1292°F.

When the cast iron plate reaches just over 350°C/662°F the element automatically shuts off. As soon as the element has cooled to below 350°C/662°F the thermostat kicks in and starts heating up the cast iron plate again. In this way, the cooking surface maintains a steady, constant and safe cooking temperature. Considering that water boils at 100°C/212°F, the heat that SmartBurner delivers is more than sufficient to cook effectively, efficiently and safely.

Want to learn more?

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  • Cook Smart with David Rocco

  • SmartBurner is Better

  • SmartBurner: Cooking Fire Solution

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Before being used for the first time, SmartBurner™ should be heated up on the HI or maximum setting for approximately 7-10 minutes without any utensils. During this ‘curing’ process, the protective coating is hardened and obtains its maximum strength.

NOTE: There may be a slight odor the first time you use your stove with the SmartBurner™ installed.

This is normal and should dissipate after the first use.



  • Always ensure burner is cool before attempting to clean.
  • Never soak your SmartBurner™ or put it in the dishwasher.
  • Use damp cloth or sponge with mild detergent to clean surface of burner and surrounding plate. Never use harsh abrasives or steel wool pads on any part of the SmartBurner™.
  • Thoroughly wipe soap from a burner plate and towel dry.
  • For best results clean your burner plates and drip pans regularly.
  • Use dry pots and keep wet utensils or objects with condensation, such as pot lids, away from the SmartBurner™.