“This product does everything it is supposed to do – helps eliminate cooking fires.” – Fire Chief, Gerald Clark – Commander U.S. Naval Forces Fleet Activity, Sasebo, Japan

Pioneering Technology Corporation is proud of its long association with the US Military. Beginning in 2007, our Safe T Element was introduced into hundreds of US military housing units in Japan and throughout the United States. Today, Safe T Element is recognized by the US Military for both commercial and residential housing applications; complies with the military’s UFC‐3‐600‐01 military code requirement for a range fire safety system; and is listed as one of only two cooking fire safety technologies that MUST be used for all US Air Force commercial stove installations.

  • UFC-3-600-01 to include STE Temperature Limiting Control

    Department of Defense

    Download PDF

  • Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency Recommends Safe T Element

    U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency

    There is a potential safety hazard related to a special type of range-top fire extinguishing system. The system may be inoperable because the safety pin is left in place after initial installation or annual maintenance. This particular system is required when residential-type ranges are installed in locations other than living units and the ranges are not fire-safe. Download PDF

  • Smart Technology, Safer Households

    Defense Communities Magazine

    A retrofit solution for electric ranges helps curb cooking fires. Download PDF

  • Dormitory, Fraternity, Sorority and Barrack Structure Fires (2007-2011)

    National Fire Protection Association

    In 2007-2011, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated annual average of 3,810 structure fires in dormitories, fraternities, sororities, and barracks. These fires caused an annual average of 2 civilian deaths, 30 civilian injuries, and $9 million in direct property damage. Download PDF

  • Department of Defense includes Safe-T-element™ in Residential Housing Code UFC 3-600-01

    Department of Defense

    Air Force installations with government-owned, government-operated Military Family Housing (MFH) now have the opportunity to prevent the most common cause of MFH fires and potentially reduce operating costs. This can be done by modifying the burners on kitchen ranges with the “Safe-T-Element®.” This product is unique because it prevents a fire rather than trying to suppress it. It is also approved for residential-type ranges installed in non-residential locations that would otherwise require a range-top extinguishing system. Download PDF

  • Range Fire Suppression vs Safe T Element

    Air Force Civil Engineer Magazine

    A very costly fire recently occurred at an Air Force installation — a fire that involved a “special range-top fire extinguishing system.” While the official investigation results have not yet been released, it’s clear that many installations could benefit from a review of the special requirements for such systems. Headquarters Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency has also issued A-Gram 08-01, “Special Range-Top Fire Extinguishing Systems,” which addresses ensuring system operability. Download PDF