Fire Safety

Cooking oils auto-ignite at approximately 750°F. Regular electric coils can reach more than 1400°F. Water boils at 212°F. SmartBurner has patented temperature limiting control™ (TLC) technology that keeps burner’s temperature below the point of auto ignition for most cooking oils. SmartBurner helps prevent cooking res from happening in the rst place.

Cooking is the leading cause of household fire and fire injuries in the United States. There are many champions across the U.S. who advocate cooking fire prevention as an essential component of their local fire prevention initiatives. Among them are the following three who, through their hard work and effort, have clearly demonstrated the value of building strong and vibrant partnerships and how cooking fire prevention technology can significantly improve Community Risk Reduction (CRR) outcomes.

Recipes for reducing cooking fires: all the ingredients you need to permanently reduce cooking fires.

An excerpt from the IAFC’s Task Force Initiative.

Home fires and losses dominate the North American fire problem. Fires beginning with cooking appliances account for the largest shares of home structure fires and associated fire injuries in the United States and Canada. Electric ranges are by far the leading cause of home cooking appliance fires. The International Association of Fire Chiefs, Fire and Life Safety Section formed a task group to analyze the characteristics of the home fire problem, assess the potential of various protection technologies to reduce these fire losses, and develop recommendations to reduce these fire losses. This report summarizes the task group’s work.

Available technology for reducing fire loss and personal injury from stovetop cooking fires from CAFC Fire and Life Safety Committee.


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