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SmartElement™ saves lives and property by helping to prevent cooking fires from happening in the first place. is designed to be hardwired into electric coil stoves/ranges and must be professionally installed. For a residential plug in version that installs in seconds please see our SMARTBurner™ product.



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  • An intelligent Cooking System that electronically controls energy to burners helping to prevent fires and save energy using Pioneering’s petented Temperature Limiting Control (“TLC”)
  • Cast iron burners deliver superior cooking experience:
  • Twice the surface area for even heat distribution/better cooking
  • Retains heat for greater energy savings
  • Allows for easy cleaning of plates and drip pans
  • Burner surface is flat prolonging cookware life
  • Universal fit
  • This product requires professional installations as it is hard-wired into the stove to prevent product tampering or removal


  • Sleek, Modern design
  • Cooks better
  • Saves energy
  • Protects cookware
  • Helps prevent fires
Care & Maintenance
Before you cook with SmartElementBefore being used for the first time, SmartElement should be heated up on the HI or maximum setting for approximately 7-10 minutes without any utensils. During this ‘curing’ process, the protective coating is hardened and obtains its maximum strength.NOTE: There may be a slight odour the first time you use your stove with the SmartElement installed.This is normal and should dissipate after the first use.Cleaning your SmartElement

  • Always ensure the burner is cool before attempting to clean
  • Never soak your SmartElement or put it in the dishwasher
  • Use damp cloth or sponge with mild detergent to clean surface of burner and surrounding plate. Never use harsh abrasive or steel wool pads on any part of the SmartElement.
  • Thoroughly wipe soap from a burner plate and towel dry.
  • For best results clean your burner plates and drip pans regularly.
  • Use dry pots and keep wet utensils or objects with condensation, such as pot lids, away from the SmartElement.
Is it normal for the burner to glow red hot?

No. If your SmartElement glows red hot, turn off the burner immediately. Do NOT use. Call 1-800-433-6026 or email for assistance.

Does it take longer to cook food using SmartElement?

SmartElement may take a little longer to heat up and cool down. (If it used to take 10 minutes to boil water, it may take 1 or 2 minutes longer.

Does the type of cookware I use have an impact on the cooking experience?

Avoid using warped or damaged cookware. SmartElement works best when the entire pot/pan is in direct contact with the burner. If possible, use aluminum or stainless-steel cookware.

How can the burner size impact the cooking experience?

Cooking is more efficient when cookware size is matched to burner size. A large pot on a small burner is less efficient than a large pot on a large burner. When possible, use a lid to help food cook faster.

SmartElement with its patented temperature limiting control (TLC) technology controls the temperature of stovetops keeping it below the auto-ignition point of cooking oils and many common household materials. How does it do this? By shutting off the burner element when the temperature reaches about 350°C/662°F. When the element has cooled to below that threshold, the burner turns back on again. Think of it like a furnace for cooking. Just as your furnace turns on and off to regulate the temperature in your home, SMARTElement regulates the cooking temperature of your stovetop.


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