Microwave Fire Safety solution

Safe T Sensor™

Safe T Sensor provides a simple solution to help prevent costly nuisance alarms and enhance microwave fire safety – all with virtually no effort to install and no change to its operation. This product solution interrupts power to your microwave at the first sign of smoke; preventing fires as well as nuisance alarms.

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Microwave Auto Shut Off
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Safe T Sensor interrupts power to the microwave at the first sign of smoke.

  • The smoke “sensor” is attached magnetically to the microwave.
  • The microwave plugs into the “control box” which is plugged into the outlet.
  • The solution is simple, seamless and requires no change to cooking behavior.

Note: This product is NOT recommended for use on microwaves with a dial-timer or on built-in microwaves (unless the exhaust vents are exposed).

Benefits IconBenefits


  • Reduces smoke detector activations, unnecessary fire service runs and building evacuations.
  • Helps prevent nuisance alarms and microwave fires.
  • Proven to deliver an immediate ROI.
Maintenance IconCare & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

  • Unplug the microwave and the Safe T Sensor from the power outlet.
  • Gently remove the Sensor cover from the Sensor case.
  • Clean any dust or debris by using a tissue.
  • Place the Sensor cover back on the Sensor case so that it clicks back into place.
  • Plug the microwave into the Safe T Sensor control box then, plug the control box back into the power outlet.
  • Position the Sensor near the microwave’s vent.
  • Refer to the Safe T Sensor Care and Use Manual for instructions on positioning the sensor.
  • For optimum performance, test and clean Safe T Sensor monthly.


Does Safe T Sensor require any batteries?
No batteries are required.
Does it matter where the sensor is placed?
The sensor should be located so that it is in the pathway of the air flow from the exhaust vent. This ensures that smoke expelled from the microwave will pass directly over/into the sensor.
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