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Why do we need cooking fire prevention products?

  • Cooking is the leading cause of household fires and fire injuries. (Source: NFPA)
  • On average, more than 170,000 cooking fires reported each year.
  • Everyday there are an average of 466 reported home cooking fires.
  • For every reported cooking fire, another 30 – 50 go unreported!
  • Cooking fires cause 510 deaths and 5,470 fire injuries every year.
  • Cooking fires result in $1.2 billion in direct property damage – every year!

Our Cooking fire prevention products are the best way to prevent cooking fires from happening in the first place.

Cooking fire Prevention Products

Pioneering Technology makes the following cooking fire prevention products, which help protect people and property from the leading cause of household fire:
  • SmartBurner
  • SmartMicro
  • SmartRange
  • SmartElement

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