Cost Savings Calculator

Initial Investment

Calculate the initial cost to purchase and install the SMARTElement™ in all of your units:

Average install cost, per 4-burner install

Please select $0 if you plan to be trained and install the units yourself.

Restoration Costs

Average annual costs from property damage caused by fire/sprinkler systems:

Average unit restoration cost

Relocation & Lost Rent

Rental and other costs (ie. moving, food subsidy) to house tenants during the restoration of the tenant's unit. Also includes loss of rental income during the restoration process:

Average monthly subsidy
Average monthly lost rent

Nuisance Fire Alarms

In certain jurisdictions, fire departments will charge a fee for every response that is subsequently deemed to be a false alarm. These are often referred to as "nuisance alarms" by fire officials. The STE product will help eliminate these costs.

Electricity Costs

The SMARTElement™ is engineered to reduce energy use (through Temperature Limiting Control) providing an effective energy efficient upgrade to stoves.

Enter your electricity rate (per kWh) incl. distribution costs for peak hours, which is when most cooking occurs

(multiplied by total units from above to calculate total energy savings.)

Estimated Savings Based on CSA Testing & HUD Energy Efficiency Data

# Rooms kWh per Unit/Mo. Total kWh/Yr. %STE Savings (CSA) Annual Savings kWh Electricity Rate $/kWh Annual Savings/Unit
2 bedrooms 49.6 595.2 63% 374.976 -- --

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