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Safe-T-sensor™ Installation

The Safe-T-sensor™ has two modules:

  • "Sensor" (smoke sensor) and
  • "Control box" (power supply box).
  1. Plug the "Control box" into a grounded 120VAC receptacle, then plug in the microwave power cord into the "Control box".
  2. Attach the "Sensor" to the microwave unit just above or beside the louver/vent slots. The sensor has a built-in magnetic mounting.



  1. Microwave vents have been designed and slanted to expel smoke in a specific direction. It is important that the magnetized sensor be positioned above or beside these vents to ensure the expelled passes directly over/into the sensor.
  2. Refer to the sample images below to correctly position the sensor on the microwave.
  3. In some instances microwave vents may be located underneath or at the back of the microwave (do not confuse the air in-take holes on the back as vents). Again, the sensor should be positioned so that the expelled smoke will pass directly over/into the sensor.
  4. Built-in or over-the-range microwaves as well as manual dial timer microwaves are not be suitable for Safe-T-sensor™. Please contact Pioneering if you have any questions regarding your microwave.


For further information, please refer to our Care and Use Manual.