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A solution our customers have asked for

For years, we have heard from people in the fire safety business, “Find a way to stop microwave fires and false alarms and you will solve one of my most significant fire related problems.”

Fires and fire alarms in multi-residential housing (especially university/college dorm rooms) are more often than not caused by microwave ovens. Microwave fires and, almost as importantly, the false alarms caused by burning food, popcorn, etc. in microwave ovens has been, until now, an unpreventable fact of life.

Pioneering is proud to announce the introduction of a new product designed to prevent microwave cooking fires and the nuisance calls & tenant apathy associated with false alarms.



The Safe-T-sensor™ shuts the microwave off at the first sign of smoke from the microwave which means:

  • Fewer microwave cooking fires
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Fewer fire service response costs
  • Less tenant alarm apathy
  • And most importantly - fewer injuries & deaths

“If you can stop 90% or more of the false alarms caused by microwaves count me in. I will recommend that the University mandate them; and if you’re serious put me on the list now because you will never be able to make them fast enough.” - University Director of Fire Safety

Leading causes of household fires

Fact: Cooking fires are the number one cause of household fires.

Fact: Fires are the number one safety concern in multi-unit, multi-family dwellings.

Fact: Cooking fires are caused by two primary sources…

  • Unattended Cooktops
  • Microwave Ovens

Fact: Pioneering Technology has products that will help prevent BOTH these types of fires.

Cooking fire prevention solutions

Pioneering Technology created the Safe-T-element® cooking system, a product engineered to help prevent stovetop cooking fires before they start addressing the number one cause of household fire.

And now Pioneering has a solution for microwave fires and false alarms…

Microwave cooking fire solution

The answer to the microwave smoke, fire and false alarm problems encountered at many housing facilities is not to ban the microwaves. Nor will it come merely from education and trying to modify human behavior. The answer is to turn off the microwave before it can start a fire or produce enough smoke to trigger an alarm. The answer is to have the microwave shut itself off at the first sign of overheating. Unfortunately, microwaves have not had this capability, until now...

By combining current smoke sensor technology with current electronics technology, Pioneering has made this a reality.

The “Safety Shutdown” consists of a smoke sensor (similar to those used in smoke detectors today). However, instead of wiring the sensor to an alarm, siren, or relay to trigger an alarm, it is wired to a relay to cut off the electric current to the microwave, stopping the cooking, stopping the heat source, and preventing the fire.

Microwave fires begin slowly. They “heat” the item inside the microwave. As the item gets hotter it can begin to burn. The basic path of a microwave fire is heat, smolder, burn, combust. Pioneering’s system will shut down the microwave, at the smolder stage, before combustion can occur and before sufficient smoke can be generated to trip a fire alarm system.

How the Product Works

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