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Safe-T-sensor™ Care and Maintenance

Steps to clean Safe-T-sensor™:
1.       Unplug the microwave and the Safe-T-sensor™ from the power outlet.
2.       Gently remove the Sensor cover from the Sensor case.
3.       Clean any dust or debris by using a tissue.
4.       Place the Sensor cover back on the Sensor case so it clicks back into place.
5.       Plug the microwave into the Safe-T-sensor™ control box then, plug the control box back into the power outlet.
6.       Position the Sensor near the microwave’s vent.
*Refer to the Safe-T-sensorInstallation page or the Care and Use Manual link below for instructions on positioning the sensor.
For optimum performance test and clean Safe-T-sensor™ monthly.

 For further information, please refer to our Care and Use Manual.