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Energy Savings with Safe-T-element®

Because the stovetop cycles on and off during the cooking process there is an added benefit of electricity savings. The kitchen stove is one of the only major household appliances that has not increased in energy efficiency over the past 15 years. And given that the stovetop is used during peak usage times (dinner/breakfast), demand is high and so too are the related utility costs meaning that the Safe-T-element® cooking system will pay for itself over time.

Safe-T-element® was recently included as an energy efficient technology solution for a large multi-residential energy efficiency initiative led by Johnson Controls Inc. in Grand Junction, Colorado. Johnson Controls Inc. is an industry leading Energy Service Contract Organization (ESCO).  Inclusion of the STE in this project demonstrates the products growing reputation as an energy efficiency solution. We expect to announce additional projects in the near future with JCI and other energy performance contractors and power companies.