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Engineered to turn your gas appliance into a power generator

The Powerpak™ technology was developed to function as a power generator that harnesses the heat created by gas appliances converting that wasted energy into electricity that will run accessories or auxilary appliances saving energy, providing safety and convenience.

The Powerpak™ is designed to convert wasted heat from gas appliances into electricity to run accessories or other appliances meaning that:

  • No batteries, cords, plugs etc. required
  • No need for electricity
  • Saves energy, while delivering added-value
  • Product innovation that makes sense

The product is being designed to convert thermal energy from a temperature gradient into electrical energy. This product development initiative is relevant to any gas appliance (i.e. grills, patio heaters, indoor/outdoor fireplaces) and/or where wasted energy is present. Consider the following outdoor patio heater application as an example:


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