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Powergrill™ - The world’s first remotely controlled grill

The Powergrill™ ignition system enables you to be master of your domain – the outdoor grill
For many, there is a certain sense of anxiety associated with lighting a barbeque. Ignition systems are undependable and often can be dangerous. Igniters often fail shortly after purchase of the grill and barbecuers are forced to lean over open gas burners, match in hand and hope for the best.

Unfortunately this outdated, inconvenient and dangerous ignition technology has become an accepted standard. Poised to revolutionize the barbecue industry, the Powergrill™ system will enable barbecuers to light their grills in future with confidence and peace of mind. And if they are unwilling to take our word for it they can comfortably light the grill from a distance or even from the safety of within the house, because the technology has been designed to work manually and remotely meaning it is relevant to virtually every gas grill. We at Pioneering expect that in time it will become the universal valve/ignition system for all gas grills because it simply helps to improve the over all grilling experience.

  1. Easy ignition system (71%)
  2. Large Grilling surface (57%)
  3. Durability of unit (50%)
  4. Ease of cleaning (43%)
  5. Safety (42%)

Powergrill™ delivers four of the top five purchase preferences.

Pioneering’s Powergrill™ remote ignition system’s innovative technology means:

  • You become the Master of your grill: light it safely with the convenience of a remote transmitter
  • The confidence of a dependable and even light every time
  • Danger of flare-ups is virtually eliminated
  • You'll never need matches again
  • And the deluxe remote enables you to control the entire cooking process form a distance as you entertain
  • You'll become the envy of all your neighbors

At the core the Powergrill system consists a newly engineered pilot on demand valve system. The technology works both manually and by virtue of the way it is designed can also include a remote control system. When the ignition button is depressed, the remote pilot-on-demand system allows a controlled amount of gas to flow into the barbeque through the pilot tube where a pilot flame is established by electronic ignition. Once the pilot is established, the Powergrill™ system allows gas to flow freely into the barbeque chamber and burn safely. Should the pilot fail to ignite on the first attempt, the system automatically times out for a few seconds, allowing the small amount of gas to escape the chamber before another command can be given to ignite the pilot.

Pioneering's Patented pilot on demand valve system

Used for decades by the HVAC, stove and gas fireplace industries, the pilot ignition system has proven to be a safe and effective means for harnessing natural gas. Building on the success of this technology Pioneerinig has developed a superior "pilot-on-demand" system that can be operated manually or by remote control offering convenience, safety and reducing the amount of wasted gas created by starters that won’t start properly and/or have been left on after the cooking process is complete. Pioneering believes that in time this pilot on demand system will ultimately be adopted universally by the grill industry as a better system for controlling gas grills.

The Powergrill™ remote ignition system is protected by patents and patents pending.

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