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Hydro-Free Furnace Fan™

Pioneering is currently designing a component that will enable forced-air furnaces to run independent of the electrical power grid by transforming wasted heat from the furnace to electricity sufficient to power the fan and possibly other electrical accessories or appliances.

Today any type of energy source is viewed as a precious commodity and maximizing the potential of every kilo-watt is a goal of governments and private industry around the world. Pioneering is working towards what many would consider the grail of the furnace industry – an electricity grid independent appliance and/or a supplemental power generator.

In addition, this technology would enable the furnace to run during black or brown outs providing heat and electricity for essential items. Considered one of the best opportunities for demand side electricity management especially at peak load times, we estimate taking a furnace fan off the electrical power grid would reduce household consumption by approximately 1,200 to 1,600 kilo-watt hours and help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With a working prototype and an innovative thermo-electric web (TEW) design, interest generated by government agencies focused on supply/demand side management, gas distribution companies, local electrical distribution companies and furnace manufacturers suggest the Hydro Free Furnace Fan project as an ongoing and future development project if it can be effectively commercialized has a great deal of potential.

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