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Battery Eliminator™

Battery Eliminator™ will change your mind about changing batteries.

The Battery eliminator application is based on a platform technology created and developed by Pioneering. The technology takes wasted energy (or low voltage) and converts it to electricity (higher voltage) such that it can be used to power other devices saving energy and/or maximizing the potential of existing forms of energy.

The first application for the Battery Eliminator™ is a batteryless control system for gas fireplaces. It captures excess heat from the standing pilot to generate a controlled amount of voltage that can be used to operate the gas valve. The unique patented system converts wasted energy to electricity at nearly 4X lower voltage than anything else currently available, eliminating the hassle and expense of replacing batteries or using electricity in the gas fireplace. The product is currently licensed by industry leader Skytech Systems Inc.

How the Product Works

Batteries are unreliable, inconvenient to replace and an unnecessary expense. Dead batteries can prevent the enjoyment of your gas fireplace and often result in costly and unnecessary service calls. Our Battery Eliminator™ system will eliminate the hassle and expense of replacing batteries in your gas fireplace while saving energy and ensuring a safe, dependable start every time.

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